Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He's a spider on the web

The Boy reads my blog (hi honey!) so it's not uncommon to have a conversation that stems from what I've posted during the day.

We were talking about just how many people commented on my request for music post (thank you, thank you, thank you*) when I pulled up my Google Analytics.

"Oh wow, you can get all that info?"

I thought I'd show him one better and pointed out where most of my traffic comes from (his work server) and how people find me. We found some weird search terms.

a part of you has grown in me
admiring the struggle it takes to be human
boob mail banner girl
boys resting on girls boobs photos
engineering girl boobs
never judge people
New Zealand picnic pictures
small girl boobs
And my favourite... small talk makes me want to cry

I made some comment about how many people seem to be looking for boobs and he comes out with this little gem, "Well, you know, when you search for 'misadventures of elle bee' a porn site comes up."**

Ah, frack.

*I officially have a girl crush on Jenny Lewis.

**Of the entire page of search results, the porn site is number three. I am the rest of the page. Also, in case you think I've been posting my more scandalous misadventures elsewhere, that site is totally not me. That I know of.


Lindsay said...

I feel like pretty much any Google search will lead you to porn in one way or another.

Elle Bee... said...

Very true, Lindsay. said...

Hahaha. I totally understand the whole porn site thing...I mean seriously, "good girl gone..." anything really just screams PORN. People are yucky :(

sleepyjane said...

Not very inventive with their searches are they? *rolls eyes*

Oh and HI!! Elle Bee's Boy! :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

oh yes, my boy does the exact same thing.

Kyla Roma said...

Hi The Boy!!!

lol I love the search terms, mine are all about boobs too. Boobs, and how to make cranberry jelly. Go figure!

Mandy said...

Ha, entertaining search terms make my day. People like to do some strange things with small town girls (or think small town girls do strange things).

tabithablogs said...

I love looking at search terms that lead to my blog.

But what REALLY got me about this post:

Up until today, I totally read your URL/name as The Misadventures of Elle BELLE...not BEE. I suck at reading.

Anonymous said...

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