Monday, April 28, 2008


Things learned this weekend:

Rexall beers, while sort of expensive, are much more potent than regular beers. One is a good time. Two are a great time.

Aforementioned beers, in conjunction with lacrosse (which I had never before watched) are awesome. Seriously. I never expected something so violent. Apparently I love any sport where people fight. Lacrosse fights are so much more extreme than hockey fights. It's like a street fight. But with a big stick.

I am awesome at Guitar Hero. Which makes me wish I had actually taken up guitar when I was young and impressionable.

Even people who you think have it so together are worried about whether they're doing the right thing (as a career in particular). I've encountered this a lot lately. The sort-of-quarter-life-crises where people wonder if what they're doing now is really what they want to be doing. Or if where they are living is really where they want to end up.

Writing about the snow makes it disappear! Woo! Yesterday was beautiful. We went to Marble Slab. I am not so much into the mixin's as the ice cream itself. Birthday cake ice cream = takes like promises and rainbows.

Some people don't know that you shouldn't microwave styrofoam *ahem*... I mean extruded polystyrene. And yet, that poutine was still delicious. I may or may not get cancer from it. Good to know that if I go down, Kristy does too.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring in Alberta

One day (my first day back from Cuba, when I slept all day, naturally) it was 24 degrees. Later the week, it's a freak snowstorm with intense wind and -12. Snowed for four days straight. Beginning of soccer cancelled. Flip flops thrown back into the closet, snow boots pulled out. Joy.

This is the true north strong and free, and cold and wet, and icy and dark. Sometimes all at once. It's why God invented long johns. This is Canada. We have winter. Life sucks. Get a touque and embrace it. -- Rick Mercer