Thursday, November 22, 2007

An update of sorts

Life has been a little crazy as of late.

Work has been a madhouse. I've been filling up my time with friends, including meeting new friends and saying goodbye to some old(er) ones. It's strange how close you can get to people in such a short amount of time. Sometimes you just click with people. Sometimes people surprise you in fabulous ways. And sometimes they let you down.

Christmas is on the horizon and while I often say that I am not a big fan of Christmas, that's a lie. I'm not a big fan of the rush and the swarm of people in malls and the consumerist buy-buy-buy of the holiday season. However, I am a huge fan of finding something for someone which I know they will absolutely love -- seeing the look on their face when they get that perfect, yet unexpected gift, family, old-fashioned christmas carols and holiday drinks at Starbucks.

This month I made the first trek back to my university city. Wasn't there long enough to scout out the old haunts and count all the things that have changed -- but had the opportunity to spend a fabulous weekend catching up with old friends... which is absolutely worth the air fare back there.

We also picked up a girl at the bar. She hates this story. Maybe because we exhaggerate just a little. (Exhaggerate? Me? Never!) We actually met her cute male friends while she was off dancing with a boy and took them back to our house to play Cranium. They got a kick out of how I hid my flip-flops under a little deck near the bar so I didn't have to walk home in ridiculous heels (gorgeous yet not so fabulous after dancing most of the night away). We got to kick their behinds after they trash talked us all the way back to the apartment. It's pretty much a win-win situation. It's always good to meet new people, and it's fairly easy here, I find, since most people have come from somewhere else we usually find ourselves in the same boat -- not having nearly enough friends around. We befriended this sweet girl and made her come to our Halloween party, though she was apprehensive of course, and she's been stuck with us ever since.

Sometimes life is about letting people go as well. Whether it's letting people you've become close with leave the city to begin a new chapter of their lives (in Saskatoon? Yeah... okay). Or whether it's about writing off a friendship that was very obviously not meant to be.

On that note (which seems unrelated and isn't overly really) -- drive safe during the holiday season. It's coming up fairly quickly with Christmas parties (I've already been to two!) and whatnot... so drive safe. Stay sober, pay attention, buckle up, slow down. All of that. That's my little lecture for the day.