Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things that make me happy IV

[via flickr]
  1. When B picks me up from the LRT station, we make kissy faces at each other before I even get to the car.
  2. This weekend is the final glorious girly weekend with Kitty before she returns home to Ontario.
  3. There will be girly drinks on the patio.
  4. And farmer's markets galore.
  5. The cheap fruits and veggie market near our house.
  6. Finally not feeling weird calling it our house.
  7. Being the boss at work for five out of the next ten weeks.
  8. School! It's a bit off, but getting closer. I'm so excited.
  9. Talking with the girls at work about needing to get together to play lame nerd games, like the Canadian Trivia board game I got for Christmas.
  10. The anticipation of vacation.


Mandy said...

Girly drinks on the patio will never get old. Neither will farmers markets. I love spending a Saturday or Sunday morning at a farmers market. Have a grand time!

Dionne said...

Oooh Farmers Markets - you had me at that. And being the boss - who doesn't love that?!