Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear baby, do your momma a favour and come out now

I'm waiting to hear from my lovely friend Robyn about the status of her uterus. There's a little girl in there just chilling out, taking her sweet time. Fashionably late, already.

Robyn and I were interns together. We got together on the regular for drinks and dish sessions. I feel so honoured to have gotten to share in Robyn's life... the excitement of her engagement, living vicariously through her destination wedding photos and planning, and now seeing her belly -- ridiculously big for her tiny frame. She's going to be such an amazing, amazing mother.

I look back on the first year I was here, and one of those great moments was rounding up a few people to join me in the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Robyn and I spent much of the night bundled in blankets walking around the track talking about anything and everything.

There were four of us interns. Two are now engaged to be married, Robyn is all married and mamalicious, and me, I'm going to be a masters student (apparently I do not succumb to peer pressure).

Dear baby,
Please come out so your momma can get back to eating and not taking her own blood. Because it's gross. And because there are many people who'd like to see your pretty little face.

Welcome to the world Juliana!


Lindsay said...

Hope the little girl makes her grand entrance soon! Two of my coworkers had babies last year and it was crazy to see how they grew these little things inside of them and then all of a sudden became mothers.

Ok, that sounds a little gross. Still I know what you mean :)

Mandy said...

In the past few years I've had a few close friends become moms. Frankly, the whole pregnancy thing creeps me out and kind of discusts me. There is so much they don't tell you until after you're pregnant! The kids though, ahh be still my beating heart, I love being an honorary "aunt".

Kyla Roma said...

Wild! I'm lucky- I have no married or pregnant friends so there is no peer pressure for me, though I think I would fall into the same category as you if I did have them.

Good luck to Robyn and the little one!!

Tammy said...

tell your friend to go for a long long walk! worked for me...oh how exciting a time for your friend!

Tammy said...

and you, too...you can live vicariously through her for the moment! no diapers. no poo. : )

LiLu said...

Awwww, good luck!!! I hope it's soon...

Leah said...

Good luck to the Momma!

Babies, squeal!