Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend recap

Approximately 14 hours of driving for a three day weekend. St. Albert National Park. Fall, in all its glory. Sunshine, coloured leaves falling. An abandoned resort, where we may have been the only guests. Whiskey. Election and voting talk. Learning Trivial Pursuit should not be played while drinking. Great people. Drunken discussions on the economy, politics, energy. Games galore. "I love you." "I know." Football on the beach. A walk in the rain. Nearly falling face-first into the mud on the way to the hot tub. Lunch with Boy's family. Roughriders victory. Baby, baby sister phone call.

[Most of] Boy's family is coming to Edmonton for Thanksgiving this weekend. I'm excited. Domesticity, games, good food. Paint shopping. No doubt about it, my favourite time of the year. And my Christmas shopping has been impressive, mitigating future stress.

Vote Project/interVivos young candidates' forum tonight at Ching's. Be there. Be informed. Vote on October 14. One week away!

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