Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thankful for…

My awesome family. Text messages from Mom and Kaye. The Daddy with his gentle reminders during the tumultuous teens that, “Life is too short to be miserable”. A mantra I shall never forget. Sleepovers with Kaye and Kiki. The Brother and his lovely wife. People who didn’t argue when I wanted to move across the country, but are sad when I can’t come home as often as we’d all like. Sisters who visit so I can show them what I love about this province. And they love it too.

Great friends. I mention them quite frequently, but there is something absolutely incredible about relationships which span the country. Relationships where more than 3000 km do not affect the connections, story-telling, support of great people. It almost makes up for the fact that they’re not close enough for a glass of wine after a long day (though they’re willing to do it by phone, which works). Also, great friends in Edmonton. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for a mere two years… it feels like a lifetime with the people I have found to surround myself with. The biggest fear of moving was not knowing anyone and being insanely lonely, especially with my 22nd [golden] birthday was a week after I moved out here. Saddest birthday ever. Roomie, who moved to Alberta a month after I did, and I frequently comment on how well we’ve done. In two years, after moving out here knowing nearly no one, with two suitcases each, we’ve gathered 1030 square feet of belongings which we can pack full of friends (which we do at parties, all the time).

The Boy. It’s been almost a year now. I’ve had one other relationship that’s lasted this long, and I can say with absolutely no bias that I never felt about him how I feel for B. I tell him I love him nearly a hundred times a day, because that’s all I think about when I look at him. Situations where I used to need to be left alone, I’m perfectly comfortable spending with him. He calms me. He makes bad days better. Because of him, I’ve become a [Rock Band] rock star. He makes fun of me. He makes delicious breakfast. I make fun of him. Menial tasks like dishes and grocery shopping become almost fun. When good things happen, I want to share them with him. We watch football. He really listens to me, and my opinions, even when he doesn’t agree. We have drunken epic discussions about politics, the economy and the state of the environment. We put on music and got prepared to paint his condo this weekend. A year from now, we’ll be roommates (that’s the plan anyway). I’m not the least bit concerned with this development.

The Boy’s family. Including me in things like Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I’m too far away to be with my own family. Making me feel so welcome. Playing games. Gently providing their expertise when it comes to picking paint colours for the condo. Family is important, and it’s pretty awesome when you find a second one you can be just as comfortable with as your own.

A good job, working with excellent people. Building new skills while not losing my mind.

A country where we are able to have a say in what our government does. So many people around the world don't share this luxury. They are mistreated by their governments so much worse than we ever perceive ourselves to be. They have no input. Today, we get the chance to tell our government what we think of them. Get out and vote.


Kaye Bee said...

You are too freakin' cute. Might I add Mom made SO many comments this weekend about "Oh, I thought she would call.." and me being, she's making dinner for B's family, and we weren't home all day! blah blah blah... haha.

I am thankful for the sister that kicked my ass and made me vote. I've been researching platforms the whole time and trying to stay on top of it.. but then got discouraged when I didn't know where to vote. So thanks for helping me figure that out. I see Alberta is still VERY conservative. Hopefully some good comes of this election anyways.

Thanks for being wonderful! xo.

Elle Bee said...

I think I had left a message on someone's Facebook (either yours or Kik's) asking when you guys would be home... because I know traditionally it's one day at Granny's and one day at Kate's (or whoever's). I would have tried from B's, but I figured no one would be home.