Friday, October 3, 2008

Sweet, sweet Friday

Ironic moment of the year: a couple smoking away under a Caritas “Cure or no Cure” lottery for cancer billboard. My guess, they’re banking on “cure”.

Conservative candidates across the country have been foregoing youth election forums to knock door to door. My thoughts: It’s ridiculous to discount the youth vote. We are ones who will decide the direction of government as the population ages. They may not fear losing their seat in this election, but it wouldn’t hurt to lay some ground for the future. If you make people think you don’t care about them, good luck convincing them down the road.

Give up speaking to an auditorium of people in favour of talking one-on-one with others? Lame. "Every single person that would be at a forum or panel, we're hoping to meet at the door as well." If that’s the case, why not make it more efficient by speaking to them all at once? Merely by showing up to the event, these young people demonstrate they are eager to place a vote. Why not convince them to do it for you?

There are better ways of politely declining an invitation than you tell the university it’s a “no-fly zone”.

Hopefully, at least one of the many Conservative candidates in Edmonton will show up to the interVivos election forum.

Took my friend Artie to see Rachel Getting Married as the last film of my film fest adventure for 2008. This film was excellent, and Anne Hathaway was absolutely brilliant. All of the Oscar buzz is for good reason.

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