Monday, October 27, 2008


The weather is getting colder, the mornings darker, and yet still no snow. Not a bad thing.

Though, there was that flash blizzard on Saturday night. As we were getting all bundled up to visit the Farm of Fear/Corn Maze, we glanced out the window to pure white. Fortunately, it was only minutes before all traces of snow disappeared. Though the ground (what we could see of it) at the Corn Maze was sprinkled white and slippery as all get out (I didn’t fall, not even once).

Also, the Farm of Fear haunted house was pretty scary. I am a chicken, bawk bawk. I am also a ruiner with my flashlight. And I knew the guy with the chain saw was right behind me but he kept sneaking closer and oh-my-god-don’t-you-actually-cut-me!

The maze was alright, though the weather was incredibly cold and the corn itself was obviously not in the best shape. It’d be fun to go close to the end of summer, when the stalks are still full and green and high – before the cold weather and maze-walkers who cheat ruin the design.

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