Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you're looking for me, I'll be at the track

It was a great way to celebrate my birthday, and her birthday. A lot of sunshine, a splash of Bud Light Lime, small bets that were enough to make us hold on to our hats. Multiple sunscreen applications. Superman ice cream cake, and more than a handful of good people to eat it with. Freezies and branded fans in the condo to keep cool. In the end, I think I made a couple bucks, but generously donated it (and more) back to Northlands for beer. Because I'm sweet like that.

It's good to have weekends like this to realize just how wonderful your friends are. And to help lovely people fill Alberta must-dos before they leave us (me) for the east coast.


Lindsay said...

I've always wanted to go to the racetrack! What a great day.

Mandy said...

Just stopping by to say hi, from one small town girl to another. =)

Happy belated birthday and that sounds like a lovely way to spend the day with your sister.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Days are always good when theres budlight and birthdays involved :)

Dionne said...

I used to live right by the Santa Anita Racetrack in California, and loved it! I only went twice though, and am regretting not going more often. I am glad you had fun!