Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's an indoor joke.

My baby, the nurse. The caregiver. The one who is always full of sweetness, compassion and love for all things. The one who, at 21, is way more emotionally mature than most people I know. More confident. Beautiful, inside and out.

I'm so glad that she's made her way across the country this summer to live and work in my city. To live with me for the first time in seven or eight years. My little blonde baby. I'm so proud to be your big sister. You're so full of knowledge, give such good advice, and you act like a little old granny like I do. We're lame in the most delightful ways.

Happy birthday, love.


Lindsay said...

So sweet! Cute pic, too.

Kyla Roma said...

Aw, happy birthday to her =)

thegoodgirlgoneblog.com said...

Aww now I'm excited to see my big sister! She lives abroad and is coming in to visit after a year. !!!

amber said...

aww that's sweet.

Happy birthday to her (a little late)