Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I'm glad to be Canadian #832019

It's hard to believe stuff like this still happens in the world.

The federal government, along with other foreign affairs departments, is expressing concern over proposed laws in Afghanistan. One law would make it illegal for Shi’ite women to deny their husbands sex. Women would also need permission to leave the house. Children would be in the custody of fathers and grandfathers only. Critics are now questioning Canada’s commitment to its military program in that country. CBC Radio Clg. CTV Clg.

Read more at CTV online.


mieletcannelle said...

See, part of me thinks that this is a good thing. By codifying it in law, it gives those who object concrete laws to actually fight against. When conceptions like this stay purely in the realm of cultural consciousness, you can always say "oh no, that doesn't happen here". By putting it into law it can be something effectively stood up against.
I also have issues with the media attacking a law about "denying sex" - the actual law is about the inability of a woman to be raped in marriage. This codifies what has been culturally true for a long time - to assume that we'll be able to simply just change a law and change the centuries of believe behind it.. I dunno.
And pulling out in response? That makes me a bit ill.

Elle Bee... said...

I'm glad you commented on this, Andrea. I knew you'd have something enlightening to add.

I agree that pulling out is not the answer. Going in and claiming we wanted to help them and then pulling out the second they try to do something we don't like is not very helpful at all. Cultural changes take time, they can't be introduced with a law.

I never thought about the whole "codifying into law gives people something concrete to fight against". Very true.

Melissa said...

Hey -- I just found your blog - apparently we follow each other on Twitter! Awesome blog!