Monday, April 6, 2009

I bring this on myself

I've been listening to country music all day; one pink earbud dangling from my left ear and my right foot tappin' under my desk. It's my own fault. Summer is on the horizon, and by summer, I mean those things that makes it feel like summer. Warm weather, drinks on the patio, my BFF and the littlest sister (at the same time). The baby, baby sister will be here for the entire summer... she just happens to move here at the end of the month when my favourite lady breezes into town.

And we're going to a country music concert. Montgomery Gentry. Row 20. Because we're small town country girls.

We like corn fields and the smell of fresh-cut hay. We went to Buck and Does before we went to the bar and we were raised on blue jeans and flip flops. As far back as I can remember, I remember doing chores in the barn to the tune of country radio. Taking breaks to dance beneath the radio and belt out our favourite songs. Staying out of licking range of the cows. Belting out those tunes in the mows even when we couldn't hear them from the radio.

I remember road trips with country on the radio. No matter whether a song is new or old, it all sounds familiar. It feels familiar. It's legs dangling as you lean back on a swing, letting the world wash over you. It's a big hug from those who've known you longer than you've known yourself. It's Mom and Dad's patio with a cold beer after a long day of doing hay. It's long walks in the middle of the night down the backroads. It's home. It's summer.

And I couldn't be more excited.


Kaye Bee said...


sleepyjane said...

So funny.

We're looking forward to winter here. :)

Leah said...

Lovely post!! I don't know if I love it so much because I identify with it so much, or because it made me miss it so god-damned much.

Yay for summer! And small-town girls!

dreamsandschemesandcircuscrowds said...

Buck and Does! Okay, is this strictly an Ontario thing?
My fiance is from Elmira, Ont and although we're living in Edmonton, we're doing a buck and doe. And no one (including myself) has ever heard of it. The idea of having a fundraiser for my wedding took me a while to get used to. Now I'm excited, but still having a hard time convincing the friends and fam that it's not that strange.