Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things that make me happy

  1. Boy's head on my lap as he reads non-fiction and ignores the fact that I'm watching One Tree Hill
  2. Wine class, even when I'm stuffed up and want sleep
  3. Cheesies
  4. The fact that I enjoy my job so much that I apparently can't take a full sick day off... instead I slept until I couldn't sleep anymore and came in for a half day
  5. A boss (but not my boss) coming to me to ask me to keep an eye on certain news developments on Twitter, since I'm "in the loop with these things"


Sarah said...

I rediscovered my love of cheesies this weekend when my brother bought a giant bag and I ate half of them with an apple for breakfast. Mmmmm.

sleepyjane said...

I almost never take days off sick. I feel too bad!

Kyla Roma said...

Oh! I love these - especially the twitter thing, that's so cute! I've been given the go ahead to keep an eye on the twitter accounts of the musicians my work represents for the same reason.

HBee said...

Great list!

mieletcannelle said...

I miss you. *hug* YOU make me happy! (And also Chad Micheal Murray. It was the only serialized tv show I got in India. Heart.)

Elle Bee... said...

Thanks ladies!

Andrea, I think we need a wine + OTH girly marathon. Just sayin'. It's so ridiculous, it's amazing.