Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new President, a new era

As I huddled with others into a coworker's office this morning to listen to the inaugural address of Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America, I could not help but notice the stark contrast between him and his predecessor.

Instead of a man who talked about a country binded by fear, on a day which seems like it was not all that long ago, we heard a man who talked about the hope of America. The goodness of the people. The unity of a country that would reach out to those in need. A man who admitted that the road ahead will not be easy, but who called upon his nation to work together.

It was amazing. It was moving. It was about time. It's a good thing not only for the people of the United States of America, but for the world.

I encourage everyone to read the full text of Mr. Obama's address here, in case you weren't so lucky to see it this morning.


Sarah said...

This is exactly what I did this morning. Huddled around a computer with my coworkers passing around a box of kleenex.
For my next birthday I'm asking for a Canadian PM who is even half as inspiring and charismatic.

Sarah said...

Ha! I just realized you left basically this exact comment over at miel et canelle. Great minds and all that!

Elle Bee said...

That is amazing, it didn't even cross my mind when I saw your first comment.

mieletcannelle said...

That's it. Coalition. Now.

Kyla Bea said...

LOL Miel! Oh my goodness, hilarious comment!

I'm interested to see what happens in the Canadian budget & what the reaction to it is now that we're all starry eyed.

Elle Bee said...

I think we'll always be a little disappointed in our government, just because of the comparison that we now have in the states.

I'm excited to see the budget too, Kyla. I like that you're a fellow poli-nerd. ;)

Mermanda said...

Hells yes! I am so in love with him. It's crazy to feel this way about a President... but it kinda rocks.

P.S. Thanks for hitting up my blog! I am with you on hating shots, but I hate being sick enough to put that fear aside. (If your dentist wanted to fill a cavity without using novocaine, would you go for it? I have ONCE... never again...)

Barefoot Blogger said...

I know it's only been a few days, but every time I hear the phrase "President Obama" I start to tear up again! I love that he's restoring all kinds of hope not just in the US, but everywhere.

Here's to hoping he doesn't screw it up.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Oops, sorry, looks like we're back to fear.