Friday, January 16, 2009

I'd totally turn down the 'best job in the world'

One of the bigger stories of the week, pre-US Airways' crash into the Hudson River, and less big than Obama's upcoming inauguration, was Australia's declaration that they are offering one lucky winner the best job in the world.

Though getting paid to go to Australia, scuba the Great Barrier Reef and take pictures of the whole experience while blogging about it to the Internets sounds none too bad, it's not what I would consider the best job in the world. The sun is not my friend. The heat: not my friend. I'm not really a beach person because these two elements are usually pretty major on a beach. Blogging, taking pictures, and enjoying yourself on a beach can be a good time, but if it becomes your job it no longer holds the vacation appeal. Your job performance depends on someone elses' opinion of how well you do these things. Of how much fun you have on your "vacation" so you can sell it to other people.

I would like to invent my own dream job. World-wide wine taster. Travel the world to gorgeous places, sit and dive into bottles of the good stuff (some of the best stuff) while chatting the night away with winery owners and wine makers. Delicious food, delicious scenery, delicious wine = perfection.

Sure, Australia, I'd like to come to you for the perfect job, but maybe instead of Hamilton Island can you find me something in the Barossa region?

Please? I'll take in pictures and blog about it for free!


Hillary said...

The Hamilton Island job is the worst job in the world for 3 reasons:
1 - sharks
2 - snakes
3 - spiders

Elle Bee said...

All very good arguments! Good job, Hillary.

Sarah said...

I would like to join you on your scary bug-free wine-tasting tour.

Brittney said...

I completely agree with Hillary! I know a woman who's applying for this... but you can't leave the island, and there are only 5000 people on it! What if you don't like them? Or what if a terrible rumour spreads?

Also, the most dangerous bugs and animals are in Australia. Count me out.

Carmen said...

I feel your pain... the sun gives me a burn and the heat makes me all sweaty and sticky.

Whoever said girls "glisten" is full of bologna.

MY said...

I saw this story and a friend mentioned they were going to apply for it. I had the same sentiments you had. The appeal will easily be lost ...

Kyla Bea said...

Oh now that sounds amazing!

I think I could probably make due with either dream job though, if push came to shove ;)

Sara said...

I'm totally with you on the world wine taster thing. Yum! As long as the job comes with a personal chauffeur.