Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Today is the Alberta Liberal leadership election. In honour of this very unexciting event, I give you the following video. I can't decide whether it is awesome or terrible that Taft and Co. are making fun of themselves by spoofing The Office. Also, a little telling that Kevin Taft is the creative director, has a love affair with that "pony", and sees himself as the Michael Scott of the opposition. Not exactly painting yourself in the best light there, Kev.

It's a little painful to watch, and the sound cuts in and out at points, but it's... erm... interesting. Also, please note: "The Rodeo Motion" for those of you who are not from Alberta, is Taft's announcement in the House that he wants to see Rodeo named Alberta's official sport. Yeah. Er, Yeehaw?

The Boy is headed off to the mountains this weekend for some skiing, and I'm opting to hibernate. With a projected temperature of somewhere between -20 Celcius and -35 Celcius, or -4 to -31 Fahrenheit (says the Internet converter) before windchill, it seems like a good weekend to curl up on the couch, watch some bad Christmas movies, do some reading and avoid the world.


sarahbelledotcom said...

oh good lord.

when i was in edmonton last december.. it was about -40. and i tried to walk from the hotel to a restaurant across the street..
and i swear to god i nearly died.
air is impossible to breathe when its that cold!

Kyla Bea said...

That is a strange little video!

And I hear you about the cold, I feel your pain! And my puppies do too, but not as much as they did before because now they wear snowsuits.

Elle Bee said...

And their snowsuits are so cute it hurts. Awww babies!