Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Canadian politics... interesting, but not in a good way

Michelle Jean: Sorry, Europe, I have to go back to Canada... the children have messed things up again.
Harper: They're being mean to me!
Dion, Layton, Duceppe: He started it!

We have this article announcing the coalition, this one outlining how Harper can prevent it, and this one describing Michelle Jean's options.

It's all a little ridiculous. I don't necessarily support the current party in power, but I don't support the coalition either.

They haven't even seen the budget yet! Canadians just saw a huge waste of $300 million dollars with the last election, one where support was given to the Conservative party! Deal with it. Work together. In this time of economic crisis, we need leaders. We don't need the playground drama.

And Harper's radio PR campaign is a big waste of money. Not that they care. The Conservatives have been wasting money all over the place. They have never stopped campaigning. They started campaigning against Dion and the Liberals way before the election. It's getting old. To me, anyway. I like to be able to make up my mind without turning on the radio/television and hearing the party tell me what I should think.

If, for example, Harper loses a confidence vote next week, he can ask Jean to dissolve Parliament so that another general election could be held. The Conservatives, in preparation for this possibility, have already put down a deposit on a campaign plane and buses.

Seriously?! Preparing for another Canadian election? Come on guys, this is ridiculous.
I wish the grown ups would act like grown ups.


Kyla Bea said...

My comfort in this is that I can't see any way that the gov. general would call an election, because her mandate is to decide if there is a way to form a government in the current house, and with the alternative of the collation, there is.

I don't think that it's ideal, but I think that the conservatives have completely brought this on themselves & if they aren't interested in maintaining the confidence of the house or in the role of the opposition parties then eventually the other parties are going to do something about it. That's the role of the opposition, especially in a minority house.

Very good post! = )

Elle Bee said...

I agree. I doubt there will be an election. Canadians don't want one, and it's pretty obvious.

I think it's good that the pressure of the coalition is on, the Conservatives will have to work to satisfy everyone with what they put through. If the coalition DOES take over, the Liberals put their future election chances on the line. So they have to be pretty damn sure that it's successful.

I'd like Michelle Jean to prorogue government until the budget. The Conservatives know they're on thin ice, and if they can fix the trouble they got themselves into, good. If not, the coalition takes over.