Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The sweat on our balls is totally worth it

I've been the team captain of our soccer team for the last few seasons. The last captain fell off the face of the earth, and so I stepped up (because I am a sucker, a little touched in the head, or both). Soccer is how I made a lot of friends when I made the leap from Ontario to Alberta. It's also how I met the Boy. So maybe I stepped up because it holds a special place in my cold, cold heart and I wanted to make sure that the fun continued.

Being a team captain is not a fun gig. You have all of the responsibility (which really just means you get screwed when people don't pay their fees). People depend on you to tell them where you're playing and when (because it's hard to use the internet). And if anything ever goes wrong, or people aren't having as much fun as they had hoped they would, you get to mediate and fix things.

This was our first season of indoor soccer. In the past, our focus has been solely on summer soccer and less about playing inside when it's cold. And let me tell you, this has been my favourite season yet.

We've played a lot of really good teams, but our game has improved incredibly fast. We have a lot of new players, and the comradarie, sportsmanship and cheering on our team is second-to-none. We only won one game this season, but we are one of the only teams that has full "spirit" points. We are a fun team. Even when others get rough, or start trying to get around the rules, the way we play doesn't change.

That's probably why the organization has gifted us as the "Team of the Week". It's kind of a big deal, since this is for all sports the organization runs and not just indoor soccer. Also a big deal because it means a hefty gift certificate for beer money.
Go Sweaty Balls, Go!

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