Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The REAL city that never sleeps

Even though we slept a lot (because we're old and lame like that), it seems as though Vegas is the real city that never sleeps. A city full of stimuli and decadence. High-end designer shopping, lots of food, drinking on the streets, smoking in the casinos, gambling non-stop, the lights, the noise. It was interesting to experience, but I am glad to be home (though it feels like I'm going through nicotine withdrawl).

We walked from the Imperial Palace to Mandalay Bay on a 6-hour round-trip trek through casinos, reveling in the fact that I was able to get a sunburn at a time of year when I'm usually immune. All that walking is enough to make your body ache, let me tell you.

For our anniversary, Boy had bought me [us] tickets to see the Beatles' "Love" Cirque de Soleil while we were in the city. The costumes, the dancing, the special effects, the acrobatics, the music... it was all absolutely stunning. I highly recommend it.

We gambled -- sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but never very much of either. We took in the sights, traveled to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and had a good time on our first real "vacation" together. A trip that was purely designed for pleasure, not to see friends (though we did) or family or fulfill any kind of agenda. It was glorious.

Also, side note: it's weird to see Christmas decorations all over the place where there's not only no snow, but it's not even remotely cold.

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