Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm going to hell, but the image in my head was just too much

Dr. Grinch says: I was just out on my longboard for 15 mins
Dr. Grinch says: It's beautiful out today
Dr. Grinch says: I was in a Tshirt
Dr. Grinch says: I rode past some lady out walking and she goes "Good For You!" in a really excited tone
Dr. Grinch says: I felt like a retarded kid she just saw mopping the floor at McDonalds
Elle says: Oh, I literally laughed out loud right there.
Elle says: It was a girlish giggle, you'd have enjoyed it.
Elle says: The kind where you're trying not to laugh, but it just bubbles right out.
Dr. Grinch says: I'm glad you find my seemingly "Life Goes On" features amusing

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