Monday, November 3, 2008

The Cherry on top of the Chocolate Sundae that is my life...

The baby sister is someone I can't wait to talk to. She's brilliant, hilarious, adorable (and adorably nerdy) and knows just what to say to make me feel a bit better when I'm down.

Also, this weekend marked the officially one year anniversary of the Boy's and my first date. He's pretty special that one. The one boy in the world who has the ability to break my little heart.

On the LRT this morning on the way to work, a little boy shouted "Go, Eskimos, Go!" when we passed the Stadium. Immediately, I flashed back to time spent in our seats at the 50 yard line on Friday, doing the same thing. With more beer. Another Halloween party later, and he's still the one I want to be with.

Even if he makes me cry sometimes.

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Kaye Bee said...

*tear* I love you!