Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey baby let's go to Vegas

My computer made me reset my password this morning. Now, everytime I attempt to do something, it inquires as to who I am. Oh, okay, it's still you... sure, come on in.

I have been drinking entirely too much coffee this morning. I am fidgety and vibrating and can not concentrate much on anything at all. It most certainly is not because I am excited to go on a little mini-vacay tomorrow, no, no.

A girlfriend and I went to a wine tasting last night. So delicious. Hazelnut chocolate, delicious fresh bread, Applewood Cheddar, Parmesan Reggiano, an Asiago so young we had to take the diaper off it before we cut it (seriously, that's how it was described) and Australian wines. I need to go to the Barossa Valley, now.

While I didn't buy any of the wines that we tasted, I did pick up a couple (by a couple, I mean four) bottles for my wine rack. Though, sadly, they were out of my beloved Henschke (also from my new favourite valley in the world). Tear.

Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving at the crack of dawn (before even!) for a trip to Vegas with the Boy and one of my oldest friends, her hubby and some groomsmen from their wedding. Thank you Expedia! I promise I won't get married, and if I win a fortune, I promise to share (as long as you leave a comment so I know where to send your cut).


HBee said...

Have a great time!

rachel said...

have fun!!! vegas is awesome. :)

kayebee said...

um... I miss you. Send me your fortune! I love you! :) Hope you had fun. xo.