Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two hours of pitying glances. Tears wiped from my makeup-less face. A single, wet plait against my neck.

As I rest my head against the frosted train window, an ironic yellow sticker proclaims "Support the Inconvenience" in blue ink. An ironic sign from a higher power, as I wait for a message that I know won't come.

Two hours is the commute from my present life to my future. 

The only thing moving is me.

As I near my destination, covered in puddles, slush and snow, my steps slow and my form gets smaller. I can't help but thinking that maybe believing you're strong is the greatest weakness of all.


Anonymous said...

Elle Bee: Where are you off to?

mieletcannelle said...

*hug* No, it's a strength. Trust me.

Sarah said...

Oh Honeybunch,
Make that a group hug. If only being strong meant things would just bounce right off you with no pain, eh?
Hope you're doing all right.

Kaye Bee said...

I knew you weren't ok.... what's up? You know you can tell me. I love you.