Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good idea in a bad economy?

I've been paying a lot more attention to home furnishing lately. With the thought of moving out of the downtown apartment I've been in for the past three years, and moving into the Boy's northeast digs, it's fun to imagine what I can do to make "our" place prettier. He's well aware that I'm not a fan of some elements of his place, and now that it's no longer all peach, we can start to think about getting rid of the awesome university-style futon or the kitchen set that was last reupholstered before he was born.

Combined with the fact that we now have digital cable and an onslaught of American networks, it becomes very disheartening to see commercials from American companies with low-low-low prices. If only we were in the US, look at the bargains we could be getting! More and more often, these commercials are for DirectBuy, a company which apparently skips the retailer so you work directly with the manufacturers.

While daydreaming of new home furnishings lately, it has come to my attention that DirectBuy is not solely an American company afterall. You can Direct Buy Ontario and Alberta. My question is this: has anyone ever used this company before? Have you had a good, bad, or lukewarm experience? There's a free visitor's pass available on the website, but does anyone know how much it costs to actually be a member?

I'm daydreaming of pretty kitchens and cabinets and living rooms and wondering if this company is worth it. I do love a bargain.

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Mel said...

Yeah, but eventually, I think that company catches you somehow with a membership fee...I've never tried it personally, but I have a friend who tried it out. She got what she wanted, though! (But that's here in the US, I have no idea what its like in Canada).