Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am obviously ready to own a dinosaur

Elle [9:12 AM]: UofC scientists found a dinosaur that's half the size of a domestic cat. I'm so over getting a puppy... I now want a tiny dinosaur. Rawr!
C [9:13 AM]: omg! that is soooo great!
Elle [9:13 AM]: I know. Too bad the damned thing is extinct. The nerve.
C [9:13 AM]: i know. shit. you could try to pull a jurassic park and find some dna in a mosquito and then clone a mini dinosaur. but it sounds like too much work.
Elle [9:14 AM]: clever, C, clever. I would just have to make damned sure that that DNA is from a little dinosaur and not a big one. It's like, one day I come home from work and am like, "oh Rex? Where is that little guy?" And he's not home because he's A GIANT DINOSAUR TERRORIZING THE CITY!
C [9:15 AM]: it's true. you'd want to be double-sure you weren't getting giant one. the cost of food alone would be astronomical.
Elle [9:16 AM]: There's got to be some kind of dinosaur DNA store. I want an extended warranty. If it turns out to be a big dinosaur, you'd better believe I'm taking that sucker back.
C[9:17 AM]: "uhhh...sir....yes, i'd like a refund on my dinosaur"
C [9:18 AM]: hahahaha
Elle [9:18 AM]: And then the dinosaur eats him. So I consider keeping him for a little bit longer, because he'll eat anyone that pisses me off. And that saves on food.
C [9:18 AM]: true
Elle [9:19 AM]: but in the end, he's a HUGE DINOSAUR and that's a lot to deal with. RAWR.
C [9:19 AM]: wow, you have this all worked out. You are obviously ready to own a dinosaur.
Elle [9:19 AM]: You'd better believe I am. As long as it's little.
C [9:19 AM]: let me know how that goes
Elle [9:20 AM]: I will. I'll just have to keep it away from Josephine [C's cat] because as much as he'd be half the size of her... he might just eat her. It would be quite the hair ball.
C [9:21 AM]: then i'd be pissed. i'd kick your dino to the curb, man.
Elle [9:21 AM]: I wouldn't blame you.


The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Yeah, ending up with a gigantic dino would suck. Can you imagine if that thing slept in your bed, there would be no room for you at all.

Sarah said...

I'll take one in purple, please.

Wait, but if it was a BIG dino, you could use it for transportation!

Kaye Bee said...

BAHAHAHAH! This is freakin' hilarious. I wish I read this earlier today.

Elle Bee... said...

Sarah has a good point.

Sarah said...

Ah! You MUST check out The Panic Room today. I think it's fate. http://pacingthepanicroom.blogspot.com/

Elle Bee... said...

Weird. I just started reading The Panic Room yesterday. Before that post.