Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It seems like a couple of my favourite people are having a rough go these days. This girl is one of my absolute favourite people in the universe. Right up there with the Little and the Boy.
She is one of the smartest, most kick-ass women I know. She doesn't take people's shit. She has worked her hot little ass off to put herself through school to give herself a bright future. If she only has one job at a time, it's a miracle. She doesn't rely on anyone. She's creative. She's super sweet. She would do anything for anyone. She was the first person I ever gave a key to my house to and it got rather lonely to stay there without her. I've known her for something like six years. We've been BFFs for about three (that doesn't possibly seem like it could be right... feels like longer). We talk nearly every day.
She is a debaucherous, ferocious woman. I did my fair share of tequila shots with her. Befriended a neighbourhood furry friend (aka. the drunk kitty) who we would run into on our way home from the bar in London. She's fallen off a horse in Edmonton only to have a random boy scoop her up off the street while we kissed her scraped knees better. We got into some trouble at the Stampede. We've helped each other through break ups and told each other stories of new loves. We rant and bitch a lot and when we do... you'd better stay out of our way. We drank [faux] champagne out of individual-sized bottles.
And I've never met anyone who is deserving enough of her love. Not this one, not any in the past. Today she said that she hopes that someday she is as happy as I am, and I hope so too. Because she's someone who deserves to be completely blissed-out far more than I. Maybe she'll meet a hot Dutch/French/something boy in Belgium this summer.

Sixteen more sleeps and we shall be together.

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