Friday, October 30, 2009

It's a big weekend. A chilly football game tonight, Halloween karaoke tomorrow night, and maybe something to celebrate our anniversary on Sunday. Oh, and now that I'm a student again I have to ensure there's some reading in there somewhere. Right.

I'm so ready for the real boss lady to come back on Monday. The first two and a half weeks of doing her job were okay, but the last half a week has nearly killed me. I'm ready to rip out my super-teased 80s-style hair.


Sarah said...

I would like to formally request that you post a photo of said hair.
Congrats on getting through your boss' absence!

Mandy said...

Halloween karaoke? Please tell me that involves awesome halloween songs like Thriller and the Monster Mash, because that would be absolutely rock. Happy Anniversary and have a great weekend!

Emily Jane said...

Happy anniversary! And I second that request for hair photos.