Thursday, January 24, 2008

[Mis]adventures in Saskatoon, check

So, lately I've been thinking about the lack of [mis]adventures that are described in this blog.

I have plenty of them, believe you me. However, I think I opt not to write about them because my baby sister reads this thing. I don't want her to get any ideas. Ha.

Most recent misadventure:
Going to Saskatoon. Checking Saskatchewan off of the list of provinces I've yet to visit. Knowing far more about B's sister the night before I met her and having to face her (and the possible one-night stand who was probably 10 years her junior) in the morning. She is a screamer and B is scarred for life. Even more scarred by the 98% chance that there were more than two people in that bedroom.

Also, Saskatoon is freakin' slippery. I was wearing actual winter boots (not heels!). With traction. And I slipped on my ass at least three times in less than the 36 hours I was there. Apparently they are very anti-gravel in the streets. Oh Edmonton, you are dirty, but you keep me standing.

Saskatoon = 3, Elle = 0.

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Kaye Bee said...

I like stories.. don't keep your life from me... meany!