Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miraculous footwear?

Last week on Oprah (I think it was last week anyway), Oprah talked about shoes. Oh shoes. They will be my demise. Not usually am I uber-girly, though when it comes to a pair (or ten) of gorgeous heels or flirty flats it's a different story.

Oprah talked about how she loves shoes for the fashion side of things, though she can't usually stand to walk in them for more than a few minutes. Apparently she carries her shoes out with her onto the stage on her show and puts them on then. She's been known to be seen barefoot at the theatre with shoes in hand.

For most women, I think this is a fairly common occurance (I've been known to take off my shoes and frolick around barefoot anyhow). The solution to all of these problems? Cole Haan. Nike Air technology has been introduced to this new line of Cole Haan shoes to make them super comfortable and to support your foot in such a way as to prevent the "pretty but painful" issues that hot shoes so often have.

I currently have a huge crush on these babies: If only my pocketbook was as infatuated as I am... *sigh*

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