Monday, January 28, 2008

Albertans aren't wimps

I have never loved my heinous Uggs so much as I do right now.

Yes, they are ugly. But it is -40 outside, the snow is up to my knees (and I get to jump through it on the uncleared sidewalks... because it's not possible to walk through it and trudging through the streets = certain death) and my feet feel like they have been snuggled by bunnies. That is right. My feet are toasty and bunny-snuggling warm. Even though I can't feel my legs.

Feigned snow day with B yesterday (it was a Sunday so really it just meant we didn't leave the house). We played Rock Band and watched a lot of Arrested Development. I am a pro bass player, let me tell you. Addicted. Then when we did go to leave so I could go home and make it to work today, we couldn't get his car out of the parking lot. Bless his snow-shoveling soul.

So I jumped through the streets to the bus stop, hopped the LRT to downtown and gaped wide-eyed at the mess the world has become since last I had ventured out.

Damn you Edmonton, damn you and your -40 to hell. ...And since when does it snow here? Hrm? Stop it.

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