Thursday, August 30, 2007

Somedays I am proud to be a new Albertan... and others?

News: "Adapt to our voting patterns or go back where you came from" is the message from a man looking to run for the PCs in Calgary Egmont. Craig Chandler says people who have moved here have told him they plan to vote Liberal. He says the conservative culture made Alberta what it is and if people don't like it they can leave. Premier Stelmach says that message isn't coming from the PC Party. CityTV Edm., CHED

Yikes. I think many Albertans fail to realize that without immigrants (either from other countries or other Canadian provinces) Alberta would be in incredibly bad shape right now. Alberta needs people badly to keep this economy going the way it is. Labour shortages are already at dangerous levels... imagine what they'd be like if people started leaving!

I agree that Alberta does have a somewhat small "c" conservative culture... but that shouldn't be a problem, even if people do want to vote Liberal. I don't see it as a "take it or leave it" situation, it's certainly not what democracy is all about. I function quite well here thankyouverymuch.

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