Thursday, August 30, 2007

Colour me impressed

Oh McGuinty. I love it when any politician is willing to make something completely controversial into an election issue. It shows that they are not only willing to make a decision rather than sit on the fence, but they are willing to place their political life on the line for aforementioned issue.

Which is apparently how it is with McGuinty and pesticides (full article here).
Mr. McGuinty will make a provincewide ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides on lawns, gardens and parks, which can pose a health risk, part his platform for the Oct. 10 provincial election, a Liberal party source said yesterday.

"We're going to better protect the health of kids and families," the source said. Ontario would be following Toronto and many other municipalities in the province that have enacted such bans.
It's actually slightly surprising that the provincial government is moving on this so fast. It's been a little more than a year since we passed a bylaw banning the cosmetic use of pesticides in London (Ontario, not UK)... and when we were talking to citizen groups and the Medical Officer of Health, etc. there... they seemed to think that it would follow smoking and take years for the province to take a stand.
Good for you McGuinty. For proving us wrong.

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