Monday, February 5, 2007


Oh my my. When talk of this London-to-Edmonton adventure went down, it was a solemn [well, possibly drunken] vow with a friend to meet up for Stampede 2007.

This friend is one of a kind. We had known each other for years before becoming extremely close during the summer of bliss, a summer consisting of Yahtzee on the front lawn of my ghetto scummy landlord apartment/house...

...and running into this random kitty upon returning home every night after we had ventured out for a slice of debachery pie.

We survived a summer of full time work coupled with classes and homework. We congratulated ourselves on break ups over martinis and angry ranting. We laughed. We cried. We petted the kitty and giggled until we collapsed on the sidewalk. We drank champagne from individual-sized bottles (because we are classy!) and ran barefoot down the street in very unpleasant weather.

And now, now we will officially reunite for Stampede 2007... due to the purchase of tickets for this:

Yeehaw indeed, my friend.

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