Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Keep your drink, just give me the money

Ah, I haven't always been a huge Pink-pusher, but I think this song is brilliant.

I like that her songs tend to be more focused on empowerment. Good for her. This video particularly appeals to me because when my friends and I go out we go out to dance and have fun with the girls. Not to have some boy grind up against us whispering the same tired lines in our ear, in attempts to have us swooning and running off into the night with him.

Though, I must admit, some of her songs seem as though they are hurting feminism just as much as she's helping it. I mean, the "Stupid Girls" song basically makes fun of bimbo-big-breasted-blondes... and while yes, girls should know they don't have to be like that... it's pretty demeaning too. In one scene there's this big-breasted girl on a treadmill running and so she's getting a lot more attention than Pink is. This is not necessarily her fault and I say this as someone who does have a brain and who knows plenty other brainy women who just happen to have breasts. We can have the best sportsbra money can buy and we're still going to get attention merely for these strategically placed slabs of fat bouncing on our chests. It is possible to be smart and sexy. The point is just that you don't have to pretend to act a certain way, or manipulate your body in a certain way, to get some male attention. Maybe attacking each other is not the best strategy for equality, hrm?

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