Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home for the holidays

It still doesn't seem much like Christmas, even though I am going home in two sleeps.

Christmas shopping this year seems haphazard, not the usual exciting adventure to find the perfect presents for people. Instead of the desire to trim the tree, I've had the desire to read journal articles. Instead of baking Christmas treats to send out to friends across the country, I've been wishing I could write faster and go to conferences in Montreal, London (U.K) and San Francisco. Instead of watching Christmas movies, I've been thinking about Marshall McLuhan's theories. I'm a bit overwhelmed. I know the essay I submitted the other day wasn't my best, but I just didn't care anymore. The thought of submitting three more essays by the middle of January, combined with travel to Ontario and Saskatchewan for the next two weeks, is terrifying. How am I ever going to get everything done?

Instead of doing schoolwork most evenings, I've been happily curled up with the Boy on the couch or out with my wonderful girlfriends eating brie and drinking vanilla apple mojitos. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Maybe a bit of Baileys in my coffee (or some eggnog) would bring some Christmas cheer?


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I have SO much trouble focusing on schoolwork this time of year. I am really lucky to have a nice long break from it this Christmas. After three months of studying and writing papers I'm just so over it!

Hope you have a nice trip home and get some R&R in!

Kyla Roma said...

Alcohol always helps me remember what really matters: my boy & sleep. =p

You will get through all of this, and January will be the time for meeting deadlines and pushing through- and you'll get through it with grace, as always, I'm sure.

Emily Jane said...

I gave up on Proper Christmas Shopping years ago. Sure I wanted it to be magical, like in the movies, but reality hit: I'm a rather busy person, and I live in a city where it's -30 for at least 4 months of the year. I'm not bloody going outside. I've resorted to Amazon and Etsy for the last couple of years and I feel infinitely less stressed out about it all! :)

TWO MORE SLEEPS! I'm excited for you :)

Mandy said...

Let it go. No one expects you to do it all. Curling up with the boy or enjoying an evening with your girl friends sounds positively wonderful. I agree with Kyla, there will be plenty of time in January to worry about deadlines. For now, just take some deep breaths and enjoy the holiday season. Have a safe trip home.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

First off, I love that photo.

Second, I hope you are able to find some time to relax and enjoy :)