Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things that make me happy II

  1. The baby sister. I love the whole "I have to sleep, but I'll crawl into bed with you and chat for a bit" thing. Especially when it turns into a full out sleepover with hours of talking.
  2. The baby sister. Texting me about meeting up for an impromtu picnic at lunch since she was at a course nearby. Even though the concrete bench made my bum cold, my heart was just overflowing with warmth and happiness (cheesy, I know).
  3. The baby sister. Making me dinner last night before photo class and packing me lunch this morning.
  4. The Boy. Booking plane tickets home for Christmas. About half the price they'd be if we waited a couple more months. I'm so excited.
  5. The Boy. For putting up with me spending all of my time with the baby sister and talking about her all of the time. The thought of only 2.5 months until being with him becomes my default setting.
  6. Raising over $500 for Relay for Life! If you still want to sponsor, see the sidebar.
  7. My soccer team, the Sweaty Balls. Being undefeated for the first time ever (for longer than one game anyway). The improvement of how we play together over the past three years makes me ridiculously happy... and it makes Thursday nights something to look forward to.


Kyla Roma said...

The Sweaty Balls? You're amazing. I'm glad that between The baby sister and The Boy you have so much love happening right now, that's priceless.

Juuust like those squirrels lol =)

Elle Bee... said...

Oh Kyla, those are gophers. Last summer when the sisters were here, we packed up the Boy and headed to the Gopher Museum in Torrington, AB. The place is amazing... it's the best $2 admission I've ever spent.

Sarah said...

hahaha. The gopher museum? That's so amazing I actually don't remember the comment I was originally going to make!

Alana @ The Good Girl Gone Blog said...

awww now i miss my sister even more!

Liz said...

Ok. Your soccer team's name made me totally just laugh out loud. So funny.