Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Election gaffe #32892301

Today's election gaffe news.

I don’t blame Harper. Politicians are busy people, and they don’t have time to look into everything and wonder if it sounds familiar because it’s the same old rhetoric, or if it sounds familiar because it’s the speech of another world leader.

This Owen Lippert character just kills me. "Pressed for time, I was overzealous in copying segments of another world leader’s speech," Owen Lippert says in a news release sent out by the Conservative camp on Tuesday afternoon.

Part of the job is being pressed for time. There’s never enough time in PR/Communications, let alone when it’s election season. The fact that he searched for another leader’s speech and copied it is just ridiculous. Reuse Harper’s own material, sure… at least they’re his [or the party’s] ideas. Reusing another famous person’s speech is garbage. It’s why people have no faith or trust in PR people. They think that we’re all like this douche.

Well, and this one: Reached by CBC News following Rae's appearance earlier in the day, Harper's spokesman Kory Teneycke dismissed the issue as irrelevant, saying the release of the video was an "act of desperation" from the Liberal campaign a day ahead of the first of the leaders' debates.

How did Harper manage to get such crappy communications staff?

Good thing they caught it now before Harper gets up to the podium and starts off with: “I have a dream… for Canada.”

I agree with Dion here: "Canadians want that their country speak with its own voice on the world stage. It's true for the prime minister; it's true for the Opposition leader."

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