Friday, September 19, 2008

Being a girl is stupid

Relationships are scary things. Especially when it's serious.

It's hard to keep a distinction between I and we. It's hard to find that once independent person you are sure that you were. It's hard to let yourself depend on someone so whole-heartedly. To put your precious, mended, broken, and re-mended heart into someone else's hands. 

It's hard to not become a crazy person and over-analyze everything. It's hard to take that blissful-we're-the-most-revoltingly-adorable-couple-in-the-world stage to somewhere where not everything is perfect and happy one hundred per cent of the time. It's hard to not feel like you're in secret fights with yourself.

But maybe I sub-consciously attempt to sabotage everything. 

Maybe this is why mommy dearest told the others that she doesn't think I'll ever settle down and get married... 

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Kaye Bee said...

You are special!