Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Overwhelmed and under caffeinated

It's been a fairly insane month of work which has included an insane amount of overtime and more than a couple tears shed (which makes me feel so much worse). Seriously, who cries at work? ...this girl. And it's not like I take it so personally, I swear. It's that I get so overwhelmed that I begin to feel this lump just rising in my throat. I'm okay until I have to open my mouth and speak to someone. If anyone asks me so much as "How are you?" during this feeling, it just all bubbles up and out my eyes.

The good: this job is way busier than the last job, I'm getting crazy awesome experience, and I have great bosses who are really supportive and have had my back a lot when things get bad (ie. when I get hounded for something that I don't have done because the person hounding me hasn't given me sufficient information to complete the task... or when more recently, a client sends me a nasty e-mail or asks in a meeting "so then, what exactly IS the role of communications... I thought it was to communicate to people?!") So this is what it's like to be grown up... people act like children.

The bad: this job is way busier than the last job. Ha. Somedays it makes me a rather inconsiderate and bitchy person to be around (if you catch me after a day that I just feel completely beaten down). Luckily, I have certain people around who easily take my stress level from unmanageable to relatively low considering.

Taking off Friday for a cheap trip to Vancouver with the girls. It will be great to get away... and I'm so excited to get out to Vancouver... however, with huge events on Monday and Tuesday of next week it means that I can't afford to leave my BlackBerry at home and do vacation up proper.

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