Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Excerpts from the best e-mail I've ever received

Pieces from a message sent to me by my baby sister. A girl of whom I am so proud. I am so in awe of her smarts, her integrity, the way that she thinks and how she treats others. I look up to her. Even as she is the younger sister and I am the older sister, I've learned a lot from her. The thought that I have had some impact on the magnificent person that she is warms my heart to no end. Last week when I was having a horrible, horrible week, reading her words was what got me through.

I can't say enough.. how happy I am that you found someone that makes you SO happy. Sometimes I get really down because boys aren't exactly knocking my door down or anything.. but I'm glad that at least I have enough strength to be able to face the fact that at least I've got my independence and I can go anywhere in life. I think I owe a lot of it to you.. because you don't put up with the shit boys dish out.

Many people have impacted my life for me to be the person I am... but in the sense of boys.. it comes down to a couple people.. you... joe and christine.. cherie (a woman I work with whom we talked about it a little) and a random patient one day (who was beat by her first husband.. and was telling me how she finally found true love..)... it funny how different people can impact one's life.. hah. (OMG. this rant is just SO RANDOM! I'm sorry.. ahha. basically I'm thinking in writing. haha...) But anyways.. if it wasn't for you.. telling me some of your stories... I don't think I would be the confident young lady that I am.. that would stand up to a boy and not deal with the shit he has to throw my way...

I love you.. and I hope someday I will be as happy as you are with B... from what you tell me.. it would be my definition of true love.. not finding someone who "needs" you, or you "needing" them.. but someone that compliments your life in such a way that you are a better you when you are with them... not having someone you can live with.. and not merely someone you can't live without.. but someone that without them.. you wouldn't be the best possible self... I don't know how else to describe it. But this is long enough already... I love you .. you make me me. and I miss you terribly. xoxo.

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