Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh Calgary, you and your big ego...

From Paul Jackson's editorial today in the Calgary Sun:

Stelmach could easily have eradicated Calgarians' angst in two quick strokes: Give the energy portfolio, now held by Grande Prairie MLA Mel Knight to a Calgary MLA and give Danyluk's municipal affairs and housing portfolio to another Calgary MLA, perhaps Fritz. The energy portfolio obviously belongs in our city, and municipal affairs and housing should as obviously go to an MLA from a major city, not some northern, far-flung riding.

Honestly. Thinking Ministers from your city deserve top portfolios simply because of where they are from is a ridiculous idea. Since when do we choose any job applicant because of where they originate from as opposed to what they bring to the table? Mel Knight has energy industry experience like no other MLA, who do you expect to take his place? "The energy portfolio obviously belongs in our city"? I don't think so. And Danyluk is a pretty good minister. Municipal affairs, in my opinion, sort of belongs with someone who isn't from the big city... yeah, Calgary has housing issues which could be fully understood/visualized by a Calgary MLA, but municipal affairs is important, especially in a cabinet which seeks to embrace rural Alberta which has been feeling left out for a long time. I think originating from rural Alberta helps Danyluk in this portfolio. Though that's not the reason why he's good at what he does. I watched him speak at the AAMDC conference a few months back and the Reeves, Councillors, etc. adore him. He's built relationships with these people.

Dear Calgary: get over it.

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Marcos said...

Amen, well said Lea