Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In the world where I am not writing on the internet... oh wait...

Since Kaye is essentially the only person who reads this, I don't feel particularly bad about writing about my personal life. Ha! Some days/weeks just make me want to crawl into bed and stay there, and this is one of them. Which is probably why I've been more domestic and less debacherous as of late. I've been cooking and baking pie and making single mittens because apparently I get bored making two that look alike (I'll get around to it, I swear).

Let's see... my schedule is simultaneously clearing and filling up. Classes are almost done for right now, two more French and no more Spanish. This is good since it means that I will get home before 10 p.m.. However, Relay is going to start consuming my life since meetings are basically quadrupling until the end of May (the point in which I fall asleep for an entire weekend). interVivos is also gearing up now and we're actually starting to get things done, which is very exciting. It seems as though I'll no longer be able to make it to Wednesday night suppers with the boys, but since they've been happening on Sunday quite a bit lately... that's okay.

The countdown is on until the great department swap. I'm holding my breath and crossing my fingers in order to not end up in St. Albert. It may mean that I read a whole lot less, but the commute is the worst thing about my job (and it's not even that bad, really). I'm getting antsy to find out where I'll end up. Exciting stuff.

Roomie K and I finally got around to taking shoes to the shoe doctor to get fixed on the weekend and so I got to pull out my most favourite pair of shoes and wear them today. For the first time since I moved. In July. And they were broken before that. I just want to caress them.

There you have it: the girliest, least informative, most superficial post yet!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Elle, it's Kaye.. haha.. I check everyday for an update.. I was hoping to get one soon but I find it funny how you mention I'm the only one who reads this.. it's probably because no one knows how to leave comments.. I didn't know how until you told me about it.. haha.. anyways.. just thought I would let you know I think it is funny you knit single mittens.. I do agree the first is the best.. clearly because I hate having to have an exact match. haha.. Love you Elle.