Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Blue Alberta Going Green

In the past week or two there has been a huge influx of CAMRIF (Canada-Alberta Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund) announcements, many focusing on "green" infrastructure initiatives such as an energy efficient fire hall in Yellowhead County, wetlands around the North Saskatchewan and fuel-efficient (and some hybrid) buses for Strathcona.

Today's throne speech further underlines this government's environmental initiatives:

"Working with Albertans, the government will turn current environmental challenges into new opportunities. This will enhance Alberta's standing as a leader in practical, innovative nad sustainable environmental policies.

Your government will encourage all Albertans to take personal responsibility for energy efficiency and reduced consumption... because the environment is a shared responsibility between government, industry and all members of society.

Alberta's legislation for regulating greenhouse gas emissions was the first in Canada specifically addressing climate change. But this government knows more must be done.

This spring, the Government of Alberta will introduce legislation that will complete implementation of Alberta's ground-breaking Climate Change Plan. It will establish greenhouse gas emission intensity targets for industry under the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation.

These will be the first legislated emission intensity reduction targets for large industrial emitters in Canada.

At the same time, the government will work with Albertans to outline its next steps on this important issue. By fall 2007, Alberta will have a new climate change action plan to move beyond what's been accomplished so far."

Interesting. Very interesting. The speech is also highlighted in this Calgary Herald article.

Speaking of climate change, the temperature was supposed to hit zero today... and it's a whopping fourteen degrees. Wow.

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