Friday, February 5, 2010

currently coveting

This camera bag from Ketti Handbags is incredible. I already have one cute camera bag, but this one is way cuter. Oh, to be able to stuff my camera in a protected bag like this instead of lugging it around shoved in my regular purse (terrible, I know). I just hate how I have to take a bag for gear and a bag for my wallet and miscellany; I could throw all of my things in here no problem!


Sarah said...

God. You should see how terribly I stow my camera when running round to assignments. I shall now join you in your covetousness.

Vanessa said...

What a great bag! I wish I had more than a point & shoot so I could justify buying it...;)

Mandy said...

That is an adorable bag. I would carry that around as an everyday bag.

Kyla Roma said...

Oh my goodness. I need one of those. Badly!! Great find!

Emily Jane said...

Oh gosh, it's beautiful!! I'd totally carry it around as an everyday bag too! Now I wish I had a decent camera :)

Co Co said...

I can't believe this is a camera bag! It's absolutely adorable! I love it! Looks like a really cute purse that I would LOVE to carry around!

awmb said...

Oh wow this is way adorable! I didn't believe cuteness like this existed until now! Thanks for sharing!

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