Monday, January 18, 2010

Not that long ago, when someone hosted a party there would be jello shots and keg stands. Taxi numbers would be programmed into cell phones in advance or alternate sleeping arrangements would be made.

Now, we're getting to a point where parties consist of gathering around a newborn and oooh-ing and aaah-ing over a tiny dimpled cheek or miniature fingernails. "I hope I was allowed to bring beer to this party," says a friend as he sets down four cans of brew.

Talk turns to law school, masters programs, wedding plans and babies. New moms hover over the baby monitor, pushing buttons. "We're so exciting," one giggles.


Mandy said...

This couldn't be more true. Its been a bit of an adjustment but a very good one. Every once in a great while though, we all hit the town requiring taxi and alternate sleeping arrangements and on occasion jello shots. =)

Single Girl said...

I love your blog, LB.

That is all :)

Sarah said...

I kind of love that I have friends who are still in both stages. It's nice to have a change of pace.

Also, just reading the bit about miniature fingernails prompted me to make that ridiculous aw face that I make when in the presence of a baby.

Kyla Roma said...

That's so wild- I'm definitely still at the phase where Mister and I seriously talk about how getting a keg fridge would be a great investment lol

I think you're a little ahead of me ;)