Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I've been a little miserable, just in case you didn't realize this.

I'm terrible at confrontation. I hate hurting people's feelings. I light a match to burn a bridge, blow it out, and apologize to the bridge instead. My angry feelings bubble and brew until it becomes a very angry volcano.

So I'm making changes. I'm remembering the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, respectful friends who enrich your life rather than disrupt it. I'm mentally listing my limits. I'm reevaluating people and their influence. I'm stating my demands. I'm ensuring that with all the stress on the horizon, I'm taken care of first. For once, I'm choosing to satisfy my needs above others.

And it feels good.


mieletcannelle said...

I call it "weeding my friend garden". Granted, it ends up sounding like a bikini wax, but the point is - YOU are the tallest, brightest and best flower. And I love having you in my garden. And you shouldn't have weeds.
Enough with the flu meds.

Elle Bee... said...

Sounds like a bikini wax and "I love having you in my garden". For some reason those two sentences together just make it sound creepy. ;)

I love having you in my garden too, darling.

thegoodgirlgoneblog.com said...

Good for you- that just shows that you're a great person. It's always hard to put yourself first, but kudos to you for realizing that you're worth it. Sorry your friends are being sucky :(

PS- Andrea, that was an amazing comment.

Kaye Bee said...

This is what I've been trying to get across to you! I love you muchly... and homemade frapps. The combination of you plus frapp makes me :).

P.S. Sorry I suck sometimes.

Kyla Roma said...

A few years ago I went through a massive about face in the direction that my friendships were heading, and it is scary but it's SO liberating.

Sometimes you don't realize how far people have pushed your boundaries until you take a step back - you're worth so much and deserve beautiful, supportive friends. No questions asked.